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Vanessa Hogle

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Drawn while in Ireland. A match was made, however the subject in question would not be approached due to her religious beliefs. This was respected and left alone.

Drawn while in Ireland. This would come in as a strong clue to a location later in the trip.

Drawn before going to Ireland. This would also coincide with a dream her Perfect Trust Productions partner, Gwen Clapper, had prior to arring to Ireland.

This gentleman showed himself while staying in the motel in Ireland

This one was not a pleasant one.

Some guests at the motel "claimed" this one as a loved one of theirs who had crossed over.

Sketched during a remote view. Vanessa was in Oklahoma. The team she was assisting was Beyond Perception Investigators in Virginia.

Drawing from a remote view for a team on site.

A rough sketch done of a remote view prior to Vanessa's arrival at the location.

Sketch of a spirit in their human form. This one was a match on an investigation conducted by BPI.

Remote sketch prior to Vanessa's arrival at location. It was an EXACT match to the location where BPI was where "The Incident" would take place.

Sketch done during remote view. This gentleman would be dubbed as the "Light Keeper" by the BPI team, as they believe he was the one walking around with what appeared to be an old oil lantern.

Remote sketch done for a missing person case.

Remote view sketch.

Vanessa surprised Gwen of BPI with this one. After having some activity in her home, Vanessa sent this sketch. It matches the woman who babysat Gwen when she was in kindergarten.

Vanessa drew this sketch several days before seeing the footage on her computer.