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  Five short years ago Vanessa Hogle was stuck. Knee deep in two jobs, a dead end relationship and no positive viewpoint regarding the future. Knowing something had to change she drew inspiration from her past and began to forge a new life for herself and her son. She had been involved in the paranormal community before and knew that's where she had to start. A friend, and former fellow investigator, had started up a publishing company and asked her to write about her experiences. Having "remote viewed" for his previous investigative team, and consulted for the "Leave or Die" episode of The Haunted, on Animal Planet, Vanessa had more than enough material to write a book,subsequently fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

  Major life changes were happening, at this time, forcing Vanessa to reassess her life. Knowing there was nowhere to go but up, she let go of all that no longer supported her. Writing a book, "Soulscapes", which was released April 28th of 2015 and ending a six year dead end relationship, acted as a catalyst forcing her to come out of her shell and accept who she really is. It wasn't long before she began to network with like-minded individuals all over the world. Gaining insight, and experience, she set out to tell her story. Her para-biography, "Giving up the Ghost", release date August 27th of 2015 laid it all out for the world to see. The struggles, the heartache, the confusion of growing up with certain gifts. During this time word of what Vanessa could do had gotten around. She began reading, and remote viewing, for multiple teams in the United States and abroad. She also began to make numerous appearances on blogtalk radio, multiple podcast and You Tube. Her appearances include Beyond The Strange, Miami Ghost Chronicles, Stories of the Supernatural, multiple appearances on Spaced Out Radio, Necromancer Live, Paranormal Collaboration, Paranormal King, multiple appearances on Paranormal Connection Radio, Our Paranormal Stories and extensive appearances on Paranormal Zone TV. Her abilities and accomplishments have also been written about in Campus Ghost of Norman and Entertainment 2Morrow. Through these shows, and social media, Vanessa has been able,in the last four years, to travel the world investigating and meeting those whom she has helped, remotely.

  Her travels have taken her to New Orleans, for Haunted Bourbon Paracon where, upon arriving, she was immediately contacted to do a special segment for the local news station 4WWL in regards to the Abita Springs Bakery. She has also investigated in Alton, Illinois at the Mineral Springs Hotel, Easton, PA at the Horsefly Chronicles House. Staten Island, NY and NJ for the Cropsey case, and documentary about the disappearance of Holly Ann Hughes. In West Virginia at Moundsville State Prison. In Virginia at multiple private residences, Saylors Creek Battlefield, Cabin on 360 and Hollywood Cemetery. In Sheffield, England, at The Old Queens Head, where the head of programming of History UK, Dom Wilkins, drove from London to investigate with her. Grace Dieu Priory in Sheffield, England. Hellfire Caves in England. Whitby hostel/Abbey, in Whitby England. Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh, Scotland. City Center in Glasgow, Scotland. Private Lodging in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hellfire Club in Dublin, Ireland. Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. Ross Castle in Killarney, Ireland. Muckross Abbey, Co Kerry, Ireland. The Ambassador Hotel in Cork, Ireland and many more. Not all of these are true investigations but, as a sensitive, Vanessa is able to pick up on activity regardless and document.

   She took many of these experiences and put them in a third book called, "Walking with Ghosts", release date September 25th 2017. All three of Vanessa's books have spent multiple weeks on the Amazon Best sellers list, in multiple genres ranging from the paranormal to self help to travel and exploration.

  Vanessa has recently completed nearly 5 years on a very successful You Tube show titled "Edge of the Rabbit Hole" with her publisher, Mike Ricksecker. She has also been published in four books, other than her own, that are compilations of ghost stories called "Encounters with the Paranormal" Volumes 1,2,3 and 4.

  Her fourth release, "Rebel Witch: A Memoir" was released June 25, 2019. Vanessa has also worked on a documentary in Ireland. There in July 2019, she was granted access to locations mainstream media, and better known investigators, are unable to obtain permission to enter. This has produced a series that is available on Amazon Prime Video titled "Hidden Gems Ireland" and has also recieved overwhelming reviews.

  Always finding new ways to better herself, and her family's future, Vanessa has also drawn upon her more artistic abilities and has established herself as a commissioned artist, showing publicly at Loyola University, Chicago, in September 2018. In January of 2019, she founded Perfect Trust Productions LLC and recruited trusted friend and investigator, Gwen Clapper. By January of 2020, Vanessa was named as the newest member of Beyond Perception Investigators. A paranormal team whom she had worked extensively with for several years. 

  With over 400 investigations under her belt, her books and art, Vanessa is proving there are no limits too high to reach. She has done this all while raising a son and holding down 2 jobs!

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